ASME Section III Division 2


ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section III Division 2: Code for Concrete Reactor Vessels and Containments

2023 Edition

Published by ASME International, 07/01/2023

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ASME Section III Division 2 – This Division contains requirements for the material, design, construction, fabrication, testing, examination, and overpressure protection of concrete containment structures, pre-stressed or reinforced. These requirements are applicable only to those components that are designed to provide a pressure retaining or containing barrier. They are not applicable to other support structures, except as they directly affect the components of the systems. This Section contains appendices, both mandatory and non-mandatory, for Division 2 construction.

What are the key changes for ASME BPVC Section III Division 2 2023?

  • CC-2331.2, CC-3532.1.7, Table CC-4333-1, and Table D2-VIII-1410-1’s requirements, related to ASTM A615-20, have been updated to align with the current material requirements and grade options listed in the most current ASTM standard.
  • CC-2466.2, now includes a “Note” to clarify what constitutes a change in heat treatment conditions when pre-stressing element materials.
  • CC-2522.1.2 has been revised to remove requirement to use full-size test specimens, and test-specimen requirements were adjusted to be in accordance with SA-370.

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Revision: 2023 Edition

Published Date: July 1, 2023

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