ASME PTC 10-2022


Performance Test Code on Axial and Centrifugal Compressors

2022 Edition

Published by ASME International, 08/24/2023

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Engineers (ASME), with the full title “ASME PTC 10: Performance Test Codes – Compressors and Exhausters.” This standard belongs to the ASME Performance Test Codes series and specifically addresses the performance testing of compressors and exhausters.

  1. Scope: ASME PTC 10 is primarily used for the performance testing of compressors and exhausters. These machines are commonly employed in various industrial applications, including air compression, gas processing, and transportation.
  2. Performance Testing: The standard specifies the methods and procedures for conducting performance tests on compressors and exhausters. These tests typically involve measuring performance parameters such as power, efficiency, discharge temperature, and flow.
  3. Testing Range: ASME PTC 10 covers various types of compressors, including centrifugal, screw, reciprocating, as well as exhausters. It is applicable to machines operating under different conditions and applications.
  4. Measurement Accuracy: The standard requires accuracy in testing equipment and measurement systems to ensure the reliability of test results. This includes requirements for instrumentation and control of laboratory and testing environments.
  5. Data Reporting: ASME PTC 10 outlines reporting requirements for test results, including how to present and record test data, as well as how to calculate and report performance parameters.
  6. Application Fields: The standard’s application extends across various industries such as manufacturing, chemical engineering, energy, petroleum, and natural gas, as compressors and exhausters play a critical role in these sectors.

ASME PTC 10 provides a standardized framework for engineers and manufacturers to ensure consistent and comparable performance testing of compressors and exhausters. This contributes to ensuring that these critical pieces of equipment meet the expected performance levels in real-world applications

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