ASME NM.3.1-2022


Nonmetallic Materials, Part 1–Thermoplastic Material Specifications

2022 Edition

Published by ASME International, 01/20/2023

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ASME NM.3.1-2022 is a specific standard for measurement and control equipment used in nuclear facilities. ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) is an international organization that develops numerous industrial standards, particularly in the fields of mechanical and nuclear engineering. The NM (Nuclear Measurement) section is dedicated to standards related to nuclear measurements and instrumentation.

This standard likely covers various aspects of the design, manufacturing, installation, testing, operation, and maintenance of measurement and control equipment in nuclear facilities. These devices may include radiation detectors, flow measurement devices, thermometers, pressure gauges, control valves, and other equipment used to ensure the safe and efficient operation of nuclear facilities.

Due to the specificity of nuclear facilities, these devices must meet stringent safety and reliability standards. ASME NM.3.1-2022 may specify requirements for the design criteria, material selection, manufacturing processes, quality control, performance testing, and certification procedures for these equipment.

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Revision: 2023 Edition

Published Date: Jan 20th, 2023

Status: Active, Most Current

Document Language: English

Published By: ASME

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