ASME B30.2-2022


Overhead and Gantry Cranes (Top Running Bridge, Single or Multiple Girder, Top Running Trolley Hoist)

2022 Edition

Published by ASME International, 08/24/2022

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ASME B30.2 is one of the series of standards published by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), specifically addressing guidelines for the design, use, and maintenance of lifting equipment. The B30 series consists of a set of standards focusing on hoisting equipment, lifting devices, and related operations, aiming to ensure safety and reliability in the industrial use of such equipment.

The ASME B30.2 standard encompasses various aspects of lifting equipment, including:

  1. Definitions and Terminology: The standard includes explanations of key terms and definitions used in lifting equipment to ensure clear understanding of terminology within the standard.
  2. Selection of Lifting Equipment: The standard provides general principles and guidelines for the selection of lifting equipment to ensure that the chosen equipment is suitable for specific applications and load requirements.
  3. Design Requirements: The standard specifies safety factors, structural requirements, and other factors that may affect equipment performance in the design of lifting equipment. This helps ensure the structural strength and stability of the equipment.
  4. Safe Operation: B30.2 emphasizes safe operating principles to be followed when using lifting equipment, aiming to reduce the risks of accidents and injuries. This includes operator training and correct equipment usage.
  5. Maintenance and Inspection: The standard provides guidelines on regular inspections and maintenance to ensure that the equipment remains in good working condition, reducing the likelihood of failures and accidents.
  6. Load Marking and Indication: B30.2 sets forth requirements for load marking and indication to ensure that operators have a clear understanding of the equipment’s load capacity and operational limits.

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Revision: 2022 Edition

Published Date: Augest 24, 2022

Status: Active, Most Current

Document Language: English

Published By: ASME

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